Marty Hartman
President and General Superintendent
Marty was a founding member of Hartman Concrete in 1986. He started his concrete career in 1976, completing projects as diverse as sewage treatment plants to residential basements. After working for other people as an employee, he quickly decided that working for others was not for him as he was not always able to maintain the quality of the project that he desired. That is the most often used word in Marty's vocabulary—quality. It was with this desire for quality that Hartman Concrete, Inc. was born.

As our general superintendent, Marty is responsible for coordination of all manpower, equipment and materials on a day-to-day basis. This may not sound difficult, but considering that on any given day Hartman Concrete may have twenty or more active projects, it can be quite the juggling act.

In his spare time, Marty enjoys the outdoors, washing his truck and spending time with his extended family.

Jeff Goss
Vice President, Estimator and Project Manager
Jeff has been with Hartman Concrete since 1996 as an estimator and project manager. In this position, Jeff is responsible to obtain work for the company and to be the “paper pusher” in keeping the projects moving.

Jeff's responsibilities include estimating, customer relations, project management, change orders, project correspondence and, of course, occasional troubleshooting. Jeff loves the freedom that his position offers—sitting at his desk for days on end is not his idea of fun. Going to visit the jobsites and the clients is an important part of his position, and he takes that on with great relish. Jeff also likes to experiment, and is constantly building things out of concrete in his basement. His current experiments include concrete tables and chairs… we hope the chair will be padded!

When he is not working, Jeff enjoys working on various building projects around the house, cutting firewood (never have enough firewood!) , traveling, spending time with his grandchildren and sitting on his porch staring into space. You should try it. It's fun!. Oh, and making the peanut brittle at Christmas.

David "Huzzy" Hartman

Dave has been with Hartman Concrete since the very beginning of the firm in 1986. He rapidly rose through the ranks through hard work and his skill as a finisher. Even though he currently holds the title of superintendent, he is much more.

Huzzy is one of the hardest working people you could every meet, routinely working 60 hour weeks (or more, if weather conditions and jobsite conditions require it). His future goals include just doing the best job that he can do—period. His skill as a finisher and as a top notch superintendent has made Huzzy a legend not only within our company, but within the concrete industry as a whole.

Huzzy’s favorite thing about working at Hartman Concrete is starting a project from scratch and watching the project go though its various stages until completion. He gets tremendous satisfaction from knowing that he has left a favorable mark on the planet.

We do not want to give the impression that he is all work and no play though. When asked why people call him Huzzy, his only comment is that people must think that he his warm and fuzzy. In his off hours, he enjoys hunting and spending time with his children.

Tracy Rowlands

Office Manager
Tracy has been involved with construction in one form or another since she graduated college. In previous employments, she has worked as a draftsperson, sales assistant for a residential builder and for a local ready-mix supplier.

Tracy has been with Hartman Concrete since 1999. She is responsible for all payroll functions, accounts receivables, accounts payables, purchase orders, taxes and pretty much whatever else needs done. It’s a good thing Tracy's favorite thing about her job is the variety it offers!

Tracy's job requires an imaginative and inquisitive mind, and she fits that description perfectly. She jumps at every opportunity to expand her knowledge.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her dogs.

William Wiggles

Vice President of Operations
William has been with Hartman Concrete since 2001. As Vice President of Operations, his primary responsibility is “overseer.” Simply speaking, he makes sure that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing and does what isn’t getting done. He takes care of the little things like watering office plants, to the more important things such as office security. One of his more exciting adventures in his security role several years ago was catching an intruder that was trying to enter the office after hours. Nothing can “wiggle” past William!

William acts as our catch-all and helps out with insurance, estimating, project management, advertising, safety, warehouse supplies, fleet maintenance, copier maintenance and whatever else needs done. William is always ready to help.

In his spare time he enjoys fishing, hunting small game, sleeping and gardening.

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